A visit to Hong Kong

Just a day or two ago I returned from a two and a bit week long trip to Hong Kong. Now I’ve got about 10,000 photos to go through, which takes up 50 GB on my computer!

Victoria Peak at dusk

I spent two weeks staying with family in Ma On Shan, which is on the outer edge of the Sha Tin New Town in the New Territories. The last four days I spent in the B P International Hotel on the outer edge of Tsim Sha Tsui, which is the main tourist part of the Kowloon peninsular.

My itinerary wasn’t planned in advance, but made up as I went along. I ended up doing the following:

  • Day 1: arrive in Hong Kong from Melbourne.
  • Day 2: a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, then the Temple Street night market.
  • Day 3: wandering around Kowloon for the morning, then up Lan Kwai Fong for a drink, followed to a visit to the Happy Valley racecourse for the Wednesday night horse races.
  • Day 4: a visit to the Hong Kong History Museum, then taking photos along the MTR East Rail line.
  • Day 5: catching the ferry to Macau, visiting a few of the casinos, then walking up to the Ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral, and the Fortaleza do Monte on the hilltop above Macau.
  • Day 6: wandering around the coastline of Ma On Shan, then heading out to the Hong Kong Railway Museum.
  • Day 7: travelling out to Tung Chung to travel on the Ngong Ping 360 cablecar to the Tian Tan Buddha (aka the “Big Buddha”) at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.
  • Day 8: catching the bus up into the Kowloon Hills to see the feral monkeys that frequent the area, followed by wandering around the Mong Kok area.
  • Day 9: a trip to the outlying island of Cheung Chau, then out to Causeway Bay for dinner.
  • Day 10: another trip on a ferry, this time to Lamma Island
  • Day 11: visiting Kowloon City, and the remains of Kai Tak airport and “Checkerboard Hill”.
  • Day 12: railfanning on the East Rail line, more wandering around Kowloon City, then dinner and a lot of wandering around San Po Kong.
  • Day 13: more railfanning on the East Rail line, but this time with a bike – the bike path follows the railway line between Sha Tin to Tai Po, letting me get to the spots between stations. In the evening I went to the Sha Tin races, which are held on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Day 14: yet more railfanning on the East Rail line, followed by wandering around Mong Kok.
  • Day 15: moving over to the hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, railfanning on the MTR underground sections, then wandering around Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • Day 16: railfanning the MTR Tung Chung, Disneyland, West Rail, Tsuen Wan lines; as well as the light rail network in the north-west New Territories.
  • Day 17: catching the bus from Kowloon all the way to Stanley on Hong Kong Island, an afternoon of more railfanning on the MTR, then a bus up to the top of Victoria Peak just as the sun went down.
  • Day 18: railfanning on the above ground parts of the MTR Kwun Tong and Island lines, photographing the double deck trams on Hong Kong Island, then catching the Peak Tram up to the top of Victoria Peak.
  • Day 19: wandering around Kowloon yet again, then catching the Airport Express train out to the airport, then my plane home.

Now I need to go through all of my photos: as time goes on I’ll upload them and put them together into sets based on different themes. Stay tuned…

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