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San Po Kong

Today’s post is about something different again: the neighbourhood of San Po Kong. The only reason I went there was there to meet the rest of my extended family for dinner at a local restaurant, but after the mahjong games and rapid fire Cantonese started up (neither of which make any sense to me) I went for a wander around.

Tak Lung Restaurant

An area with no tourist attractions, the only reason you would visit is because you lived there, or knew someone who did: so here is a quick tour. Continue reading

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Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is something that is every tourists todo list: it gives you a fantastic view of Victoria Harbour, it costs stuff all, and is located right in the middle of where all of the other tourist locations.

Star Ferry 'Morning Star' with the Kowloon side in the background Continue reading

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MTR Light Rail: rolling stock

A few days ago I started my my coverage of the Hong Kong’s MTR light railwith a post about the network itself, so this post with cover the Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) fleet itself. There are four different ‘phases’ of LRV that look slightly different but have the same general design, being single ended single car vehicles that can operate as coupled pairs. Some of them even have an Australian connection…

Phase 4 LRVs 1122 and classmate departs Yuen Long station on route 761P Continue reading

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MTR Light Rail: the network

Out in the middle of the north-west New Territories is the MTR Light Rail network: it is a very different system to the double deck trams on Hong Kong Island, which is the trams that tourists usually see. Running between the New Towns of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, the system was built by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation, commencing operation in 1988 to serve the then-developing suburbs, which it continues to do so.

MTR Light Rail in the New Territories Continue reading

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MTR: West Rail Line

The West Rail Line was originally built by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), having opened in 2003. It operates as a metro type service, with only one type of train operating along the line, unlike the East Rail line, which also saw freight and long distance passenger services using it. The section in Kowloon is located in tunnel, while that in the New Territories is above ground on viaducts.

Viaducts carrying the West Rail line Continue reading

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