Love and romance in Hong Kong

Given today is Valentines Day, here is a look at the romantic side of Hong Kong.

For the princesses out there, the police force want you to take care and not trust people in the “Cyber World” – you never know if your Prince Charming is actually a wolf.

'Don't trust people in Cyber World'

If your prince checks out and you decide to tie the knot, why not visit the local railway museum for your wedding photographs?

All dressed up at the Hong Kong Railway Museum

Doesn’t every little girl grow up wanting to wear a white dress in front of an EMD G12 diesel-electric locomotive?

Doesn't every little girl want their wedding photo to be in front of an EMD G12 diesel-electric locomotive?

Looking at the local wedding magazines, the railway museum trend must be so last year, as they don’t mention it on the front cover.

Hong Kong bus stop advertising posters

For the single men out there, if you can’t find a date online, you can always solicit one on the streets around Temple Street.

Street prostitution around Temple Street

If you think the world’s oldest profession might be a good side business, avoiding the police is a good idea – while prostitution itself may be legal, Hong Kong has laws against running brothels, causing or procuring another to be a prostitute, living on the prostitution of others, and public solicitation.

No street prostitutes around tonight: the police are everywhere around Temple Street

Once you finally do meet someone, if you head to Mong Kok you can take your pick from a number of love hotels for some private time together. No fooling around the the back seat of a car in Hong Kong – you need big money to be able to afford one here.

"Romance Highclass Motel" looks anything but

Two hours at this hotel is $70 HKD, but you can stay the entire night for $150 HKD – can you feel the extra value?

Love motels in Mong Kok

Good thing you kept on walking – this hotel is $2 cheaper, and you can buy a new pair of runners on your way out.

Love motels in Mong Kok

Finally, if you get to the end of Valentines Day and haven’t found someone, you can always go back to the Temple Street markets and pick up a toy for yourself – the seedy end next to the multi-storey carpark is full of stalls selling vibrators, dildos, blow up dolls, and other miscellaneous sex toys.

Sex toys for sale at the Temple Street night market

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