China Railways 25T class carriages

Yesterday I posted a quick guide to Chinese railway carriages, today is a post about a specific class of carriage: the ’25T’ class. These carriages are used on longer distance trains in China, such as the overnight trains from Hong Kong to Shanghai and Beijing.

Capable of travelling at 160km/h, they come in five types: the 12 car long consist on the Hong Kong trains is as follows:

  1. XL25T: luggage car
  2. YW25T: hard sleeper
  3. YW25T: hard sleeper
  4. YW25T: hard sleeper
  5. YW25T: hard sleeper
  6. YW25T: hard sleeper
  7. YW25T: hard sleeper
  8. RW25T: soft sleeper
  9. RW25T: soft sleeper
  10. RW25T: soft sleeper
  11. RW19T: luxury soft sleeper
  12. CA25T: dining car

As for photos of each type…

Luggage car: XL25T 206760. The end of the carriage appears to have a small compartment for the train staff.

China Railways carriage XL25T 206760

Hard sleeper: YW25T 677234.

China Railways carriage YW25T 677234

Soft sleeper: RW25T 554613. Compared to the hard sleeper carriage, none of the windows open.

China Railways carriage RW25T 554613

Luxury soft sleeper: RW19T 554605. Note the wider window spacing compared to the standard soft sleeper carriage.

China Railways carriage RW19T 554605

Dining car: CA25T 893513.

China Railways carriage CA25T 893513

You can find a nice set of carriage diagrams at this webpage, and the carriage dimensions on this railfan site (in Chinese).

That completes the overview of 25T class carriage family: coming up next is an overview of the 25Z class carriages.

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