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Macau for the rest of us

Casinos drive the Macau economy, but what else does the city have to offer those who don’t gamble? Macau is a city at the crossroads of different cultures: the Portuguese heritage of Macau is unique in the region, the city having roots as a trading post in the 16th century. The most iconic example of Macau’s Portuguese heritage is the Ruins of St. Paul’s…

The steps towards the Ruins of St. Paul's crowded with tourists Continue reading

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Macau: the city built on casinos

Macau is an odd city – for foreign tourists the main lure is the mix of Portuguese and Chinese culture, but for the majority of Hong Kong people it is all about the casinos.

Gaming floor of The Venetian Macau casino Continue reading

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Model railway shops in Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong I visited a number of model railway shops to see if they had anything interesting – so what did I find?

Concord Hobby Shop, Hong Kong Continue reading

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Japanese collectable models: the random 12 piece collection

During my no-so-recent trip overseas I encountered the uniquely Japanese way of selling collectable models – the 12 piece “collection”. On finding this collection of boxes on the hotel floor, I’m sure that housekeeping thought they had stumbled on some bizarre kind of drug runner.

Individual packaging is wasteful! Continue reading

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Hong Kong Disneyland: not what I expected?

Another place I visited during my not-so-recent holiday was Hong Kong Disneyland: you don’t even need to leave the carpark to realise this theme park is a bit different…

Hong Kong Disneyland soon after opening for the day Continue reading

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