China Railways 25Z class carriages

Here is another follow up to my quick guide to Chinese railway carriages: this time on the ’25Z’ class. These carriages are used on shorter distance trains in China, such as the Hong Kong – Guangzhou service, which takes around 2 hours.

Capable of travelling at 140km/h, they come in four types: the 10 car long consist on the Hong Kong trains is as follows:

  1. RZXL25Z: combined soft seat and luggage car
  2. RZ25Z: soft seat
  3. RZ25Z: soft seat
  4. RZ25Z: soft seat
  5. CA25Z: dining car
  6. RZ25Z: soft seat
  7. RZ25Z: soft seat
  8. RZ25Z: soft seat
  9. RZ25Z: soft seat
  10. KD25Z: generator car / power van

As for photos of each type…

Combined soft seat and luggage car: RZXL25Z 101201.

China Railways carriage RZXL25Z 101201

Dining car: CA25Z 892052.

China Railways carriage CA25Z 892052

Generator car: KD25Z 998136.

China Railways carriage KD25Z 998136

Early series soft seat carriage: RZ25Z 110627. Numbered in the 1106xx series, these carriages have exposed low level stairs.

China Railways carriage RZ25Z 110627

Another series of soft seat carriage: RZ25Z 110765. Numbered in the 1107xx series, these carriages have different bogies, and the low level stairs are covered by the external doors.

China Railways carriage RZ25Z 110765

Yet another series of soft seat carriage: RZ25Z 110832. Numbered in the 1108xx series, these carriages have yet another variant of bogie, and the external doors are painted blue.

China Railways carriage RZ25Z 110832

You can find a nice set of carriage diagrams at this webpage, and the carriage dimensions on this railfan site (in Chinese).

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