Model railway shops in Hong Kong

A few months ago I pointed out the store in Hong Kong from which I bought some model planes, but what about model trains? I had two hobby shops suggested to me.

Concorde Hobby Shop

The first was Concorde Hobby Shop, a short walk from Sham Shui Po station on the MTR, their address is No. 331 Lai Chi Kok Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. You can find their website here.

Concord Hobby Shop, Hong Kong

This shop is more than just model trains, it also carries items from a number of other hobbies. Their railway range was mostly products from overseas, the only local prototype was a small selection of China Railways models from the HO scale Bachmann China range.

In N scale they had a small selection of Atlas, Japanese and European models – nothing I couldn’t buy elsewhere. One thing I did end up buying was a few sets of N scale trucks and construction machinery, each being a set of 12 different vehicles as I described here.

Inside the box: it's a lucky dip!

Lee Kwon Hobbies

The next hobby shop I visited was Lee Kwon Hobbies, located at No. 36-40 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon ,a short walk from the Yau Ma Tei MTR station (the shop actually faces the side street). Their website can be found here.

Lee Kwon Hobbies, Hong Kong

Unlike Concorde Hobby Shop, Lee Kwon Hobbies specialises in model railways, stocking mainly European models from the likes of Fleischmann and Roco, but a bit of the Bachmann China HO scale range. They did have a few Australian surprises in their window, including a Trainorama 49 class loco, a box of Columbia Models NOFF open ore wagons, and a few more Australian locomotives inside.

Australian RTR model trains in a Hong Kong hobby shop window

80M Bus Model Shop

The final place to visit is 80M Bus Model Shop – they have a half dozen different shops across Hong Kong. As the name suggests they specialise in model buses, but do carry some model trains.

The most interesting model their carried was this HO scale static model of an MTR A-Stock EMU, as used on their Airport Express line. With proper glazed windows and a neatly applied livery, they look mass produced except for the rather sloppy join between the cab and main carbody.

HO scale model of a MTR A-stock EMU

At another store I saw the same model but in the Tung Chung Line livery, and at the Hong Kong Railway Museum I saw a 3 car long train on display, made up of a number of similar looking carriages, the trailer cars being the same but with the cab removed. Unfortunately the price tag for building up an entire 7-car train would be rather steep – a single carriage is $438 HKD (around $60 AUD).

MTR Souvenirs

A more affordable model is the diecast version offered by the MTR souvenir department. In approximate N scale (1:160) these models go for around the $130 HKD mark (or $17 AUD) and came in a number of different versions – from left to right:

  • Tung Chung Line A-Stock EMU
  • Airport Express Line A-Stock EMU
  • Tseung Kwan O Line K-Stock EMU
  • Refurbished M-Train EMU
  • Original M-Train EMU

Diecast models of MTR trains

The models weight a ton since they are die cast metal, and they all feature pad printed windows and paintwork. With metal wheelsets and pivoting bogies, it appears that the models will run on standard N scale track, but I have none on hand to check.

Diecast models of MTR EMUs: K-Stock, refurbished M-Train, and original M-Train variants

My favourite is the original M-Train EMU – there is something about 1980s railway liveries that I love. Unfortunately the A-Stock EMUs look rather toylike, as they ride slightly higher than the other types.

Diecast models of MTR A-Stock EMUs: Tung Chung and Airport Express liveries

I assembled the entire collection after visiting a few different branches of 80M Bus Model Shop – the A-Stock EMU comes in the small box, with the K-Stock and M-Train EMUs come in the bigger one.

Diecast models of MTR trains

2021 update

And more model railways shops in Hong Kong that I’m yet to visit:

Between them a small variety of China Railways prototype models are stocked, alongside Japanese and continental Europe prototype.

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23 Responses to Model railway shops in Hong Kong

  1. Daniel says:

    cool but I don’t think they sell any of the M-Stock trains (original or refurbished) anymore

    • I think the availability of the M-Stock trains depends on the store – the MTR souvenirs website doesn’t appear to list them, the same applies for the 80M Bus Model Shop online store. I think I was just lucky to find some remaining stock when I visited in person.

  2. Scott Wong says:

    I’ll be in HK next week and this is very helpful thanks! For the MTR souvenir department, is that a store to physically buy the MTR diecasts? Or can you only buy online and redeem it at the Admiralty MTR station?

  3. Alan Poon says:

    Are you aware if there’s any HO HK trains model where it would operate under its own power? (not static) I just know that EMD G12 diesel locomotive with the green KCRC livery is available from Black Diamonds Model in Queensland, but could find other trains…ie. KTT, Metro-Cammel, Adtranz etc.

  4. Png says:

    do they sell thomas the tank engine Bachmann there?


    Are there any Marklin/Brawa or Fleischmann stockists in Hong Kong?

  6. Billy says:

    where can I find an EMD-G12 diesel locomotive engines model which was used in HK before electric train been used. I can not find it on the web, many thanks.

  7. Ken says:

    Hi where in HKG can you buy N gauge models of old Chinese steam locos and carriages – if such a thing exists …

  8. Martin W. says:

    hey are these models only for display or can you actually make them move? I also want to buy the mtr subway models but i dont know which hobby store.

    • I think the N scale-ish die cast MTR model trains would be too heavy to convert to powered models, in addition the wheelsets don’t fit normal 9mm N gauge, and there doesn’t look to be any space inside to fit a motor.

      The HO scale static models might be easier to convert, as they look to be made of plastic instead.

  9. David Chester says:

    Hi I am looking for replacement motor for mainline 4BB diesel loco can you help david

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