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Fill ‘er up thanks!

In any city with cars, there needs to be petrol stations to fill them up. However in a densely populated city like Hong Kong, where do you put them? On the ground floor of your apartment block is one place to start.

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Getting your own set of wheels

In Hong Kong, owning your own car isn’t a given. For a start, getting around without one is easy – for this reason most Hong Kongers see cars as a status symbol, not a way getting around. But what about the traffic?

Hong Kong freeway, or scene from an arcade game? Continue reading

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Everyone loves KCR 51

Lets take a look at KCR 51 – Hong Kong’s first diesel locomotive, and the main exhibit at the Hong Kong Railway Museum. In the real world no one other than trainspotters pay attention to the numbers on a side of a locomotive, but KCR 51 seems a bit different, if these displays elsewhere in Hong Kong are anything to go by.

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Railway museums aren’t just for railfans

Of the railway museums that I have visited in Australia, the vast majority of them are only patronised by railway enthusiasts looking at the pretty trains. By comparison, the Hong Kong Railway Museum at Tai Po is rather different. So what else do they have to see?

Doesn't every little girl want her wedding photos to be in front of an EMD G12 diesel-electric locomotive? Continue reading

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