Everyone loves KCR 51

Following on from my last post about the Hong Kong Railway Museum, lets take a look at KCR 51 – it was Hong Kong’s first diesel locomotive, and is the main exhibit at the museum. In the real world no one other than trainspotters pay attention to the numbers on a side of a locomotive, but KCR 51 seems a bit different, if these displays elsewhere in Hong Kong are anything to go by.

The first example was this Lego model of the museum, entered into the 2010 Hong Kong LEGO competition (you can see the complete list of finalists here). Among the details are correct numbers on KCR 51 in the museum, with KCR 60 out on the main line also accurately detailed.

Lego model of the Hong Kong Railway Museum

A second example of an attention to detail was this display at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. Despite the artist designing the locomotive in fabric (!) they still managed to get the number correct on the nose.

Everyone loves KCR 51

You might be tempted to say KCR 51 is Hong Kong’s equivalent of Australia’s iconic steam locomotive 3801, except KCR 51 pulls a lot more girls as this selection from Flickr shows…




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