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Another look at Hong Kong’s mosaic tiled buildings

Last year I asked the question – “Why does Hong Kong love mosaic tiles?” Thankfully I am now closer to the answer, after I found an academic paper dedicated to the study of wall finishes in Hong Kong and the progressive change from paint to mosaic tiles. So why did the city make the change?

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The seedy side of Temple Street

When you list the big tourist attractions of Hong Kong, a few places come to mind: Victoria Peak, the Big Buddha and the Star Ferry. The Temple Street Night Market in Yau Ma Tei is another, but the tourist guidebooks usually leave out the seedy side…

No street prostitutes around tonight: the police are everywhere around Temple Street Continue reading

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The sound of silence?

In a big city noise pollution is inevitable – while moving people closer together means efficient public transport is cheaper to provide, it also makes finding your own quiet space a lot more difficult. So what can you do?

Hong Kong freeway, or scene from an arcade game? Continue reading

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Learning to drive, and getting your 學 plates

Want a car in Hong Kong, but you don’t have a drivers licence? Then you’ll have to track down a driving instructor to teach you, and an empty road to drive on. But why are the ‘L’ plates on the front of cars so odd?

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Take a drive beneath Victoria Harbour

Until the 1970s, the only way to get between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon was to catch the Star Ferry, with cars and freight moving on the fleet of vehicular ferries that also plied Victoria Harbour. The Cross Harbour Tunnel might have made the trip simpler, but why isn’t it quicker?

Sign at the tunnel portal - "Happy Valley exit congestion" Continue reading

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