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Decoding 萬 in Hong Kong real estate adverts

Real estate agents are something you find everywhere in the world – and Hong Kong is no different. However the way they go about business is different, as these photos show.

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Melbourne and Hong Kong trams: long lost siblings

One can be forgiven for thinking that Melbourne’s tramway network is something unique to the city, but if you look at the MTR Light Rail network in Hong Kong from the right angle, you start to see a lot of similarities…

Melbourne tram Z3.134 northbound on Peel Street, North Melbourne Continue reading

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Riding the MTR circa 1979

Continuing with my theme of finding raiwlay related Youtube clips and describing what’s in ’em – here is a documentary from 1979 that describes Hong Kong’s brand new MTR system and how to use it.

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Cute rail safety advertisements from Hong Kong

Another week, and another selection of railway themed television commercials from Hong Kong. This time the topic is “cute public safety messages”.

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