Cute rail safety advertisements from Hong Kong

Another week, and another selection of railway themed television commercials from Hong Kong. This time the topic is “cute public safety messages”.

First up is a little bit of martial arts from the KCR – here two taekwondo contestants are in a sparring match, where the aim is to keep inside the yellow lines of the ring – which just happens to be the same thing you need to do on railway platforms.

The second advert features a group of Hong Kong stereotypes playing the game of “Statues“, where the contestants try to sneak up on the player who is “it” and the “it” player tries to catch them moving.

If you’ve never visited Hong Kong for yourself, the “Doot doot doot! Doot doot doot!” noise the man is making before turning around is the MTR door alert tone. In the game of Statues the players have to stop once they hear the tone to avoid being caught “out”, and back in the real world the MTR wants passengers to do the same thing, and stop rushing the train doors as they close.

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