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My 2010 trip photos: finally complete!

It has taken me almost two years, but I have finally finished uploading the last of my 2010 Hong Kong trip photos to Flickr. All up I took 10,131 photos during my two and a bit week holiday, with 2,391 of them now available online – 100% captioned, and mostly geotagged.

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Locating photos with Google Streetview

When I go on holiday I take a lot of photos, and when I get home and upload them, I make sure I caption them accurately. Getting the location correct is easy to do when I carry my GPS datalogger with me, but if I don’t – how can you pin down the location?

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Rail accidents in Hong Kong

Railway accidents in Hong Kong are extremely uncommon, and scrapping of rolling stock due to collision damage is even rarer. So how many railway accidents have occurred in Hong Kong over the years?

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Skyscrapers on a stick

The shores of Hong Kong Island are lined with massive skyscrapers, and one that stands apart from the others due to the unusual design is the ‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building’. So is it a one off?

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Octopus cards of Hong Kong: bilingual?

On my last trip to Hong Kong I did the same thing as every local resident, and picked up an Octopus card so that I could travel around the city by public transport. What most people don’t know is that the cards come in two versions: English and Chinese.

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