Locating photos with Google Streetview

When I go on holiday I take a lot of photos, and when I get home and upload them, I make sure I caption them accurately. Getting the location correct is easy to do when I geotag the photos, but sometimes I forget to carry my GPS datalogger with me, which results in photos like the one below, where I don’t have any location information to go with it.

Walk up apartments and tree covered hillsides

Thankfully I took a number of other photos about 30 minutes either side of this one, and once I visit somewhere, I’m usually able to find it again on a map with a bit of digging around. In the case of the photo above I was travelling on a bus between my 姑媽’s (father’s elder sister) house in the New Territories and Tsim Sha Tsui, crossing the Kowloon Hills via Tai Po Road.

With that in mind, I jumped on Google Maps and followed Tai Po Road down from the hills towards Kowloon, looking for side streets that faced a hillside. After a bit of scrolling around, I finally found the same street as my photo – Wong Chuk Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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On closer inspection the same grey and white van is parked in both photos, and the price of carpark is the same – $12 an hour or $55 per day.

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