Riding the Kowloon Canton Railway in 1993

Here is another find from YouTube – footage from a ride on the Kowloon Canton Railway circa 1993.

The first half of the video covers the journey from Kowloon Station to Lo Wu and a look across the border into mainland China, while the return trip ends at Kowloon Tong station.

Here is a full rundown:

  • 0:00 Cross Harbour Tunnel at Hung Hom
  • 0:10 Kowloon station (now Hung Hom station) exterior and pedestrian concourses
  • 0:26 Ticket machines on the station concourse
  • 0:35 Split-flap departure board
  • 0:42 Unrefurbished KCR EMU awaiting departure
  • 0:49 Other trains arrive and depart the station
  • 1:10 Roller blind destination board on the front of a train
  • 1:13 Departing Kowloon station
  • 1:30 Interior view of an unrefurbished KCR EMU
  • 1:37 Passing through Mong Kok station
  • 1:46 Looking across to Lion Rock
  • 1:52 747 passes overhead on final approach to Kai Tak Airport
  • 2:00 Looking across at Sha Tin
  • 2:04 Fo Tan station
  • 2:25 University station
  • 2:45 Interior view of a first class carriage
  • 2:56 Paralleling the Tolo Highway
  • 3:17 Looking across a curve towards a train coming the other way
  • 3:45 Tai Po Market station
  • 4:00 freight train passes out the window
  • 4:13 Tai Wo station
  • 4:22 Inside a sound barrier tunnel
  • 4:34 Village houses in the New Territories
  • 4:50 Approaching Fanling – Sheung Shui New Town
  • 5:05 Fanling station
  • 5:35 Interior view of a first class carriage
  • 5:52 Stabled ballast cleaning machine in the yard at Lo Wu
  • 6:05 More stabled track machines
  • 6:07 Looking across to the massive pipes that bring water from mainland China into Hong Kong
  • 6:20 Automated announcement approaching Lo Wu
  • 6:57 The platform ahead is occupied by another train, so the driver is apologising for the delay
  • 7:04 China Railways wagons in the freight yard at Lo Wu
  • 7:25 Stabled KCR diesel locomotive beside the maintenance shed
  • 7:35 More massive water pipes
  • 7:38 Arrival at Lo Wu station
  • 7:45 Chaotic mainland traffic outside Lo Wu station
  • 8:00 Demolishing buildings in Shenzhen
  • 8:08 Departing Lo Wu, looking at a KCR Single Journey Ticket
  • 8:14 Passing through the New Territories countryside
  • 8:26 Interior of a standard class carriage
  • 8:32 Looking across the water of Tolo Harbour towards Ma On Shan
  • 8:50 Paralleling the Tolo Highway
  • 8:58 Train departing Kowloon Tong station
  • 9:37 Through Train hauled by a China Railways diesel locomotive (DF4 class?) passes through Kowloon Tong station, hauling a train of white carriages with a light blue stripe
  • 10:19 Exterior of Kowloon Tong station


At the very end a Cathay Pacific 747 on final approach to the former Kai Tak airport.

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