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One Logo – Two Languages

For a company that operates in Hong Kong, where both Chinese and English are official languages, it is important to have a corporate brand that looks just as good in both. Here are two corporate logos that achieve this in an exceedingly clever way.

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Laundry day in Hong Kong

I doesn’t matter where you live in Hong Kong, but finding somewhere to dry your laundry usually involves an open window.

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Lost in translation while navigating the MTR

Navigating the Mass Transit Railway network is Hong Kong is pretty easy – the map is easy to read, the signage is in both Chinese and English, and the audio announcements are repeated in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. So how did my dad and I managed to get confused when getting from A to B?

MTR network map (2013) Continue reading

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The ‘secret’ Chinese restaurant menu

When westerners visit Chinese restaurants, the idea of a secret’ menu that only Chinese people get is a common one – and on my last visit to Hong Kong I finally encountered one, on the popular tourist island of Cheung Chau.

Sampans moored to the seawall at Cheung Chau Continue reading

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Traversers and turntables at Hung Hom station

Hung Hom station is the southern terminus of the Kowloon Canton Railway, which also makes it the final destination of the ‘Intercity Through Trains’ which link Hong Kong to China. So how do the trains get turned around for their return journeys?

Traverser at Hung Hom station (Steve McEvoy photo) Continue reading

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