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Chinese airports and ‘International, HK, Macao and Taiwan Departures’

Naming the terminals at most airports is easy – flights inside your country use the ‘domestic’ terminal, and flights to other countries use the ‘international’ terminal. But at the airports in and around China, things get a little more complicated.

'International & Hong Kong / Macau / Taiwan Departures' sign at Xi'an Airport Continue reading

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Avoid the traffic chaos, and ride the MTR

One of the benefits of riding Hong Kong’s MTR is avoiding the traffic chaos back at ground level – something that the MTR used to great advantage during the advertising campaign from 1991.

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Common Stored Value Tickets: ancestor of the Octopus Card

When travelling around Hong Kong by public transport, virtually every mode accepts the ubiquitous Octopus card. All you need to do is touch your card to the reader on boarding, and the fare will be deducted from your balance. However this hasn’t always been the case – other ticketing systems predated it.

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Photos from my 2013 trip to China

It has taken me almost two years, but I have finally finished uploading the photographs I took on my 2013 trip to China.

China Railways high speed trains stabled outside Shanghai Hongqiao railway station Continue reading

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RTHK documentary featuring maintenance work on the MTR

Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK has a series titled ‘香港衝線’ (‘HK – Crossing the Finish Line’) and the 13 October 2014 edition features the maintenance crews who come out after dark to keep the MTR running. Continue reading

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