Hong Kong transport footage from the 1990s

The other week on YouTube I stumbled upon a great collection of Hong Kong transport footage, recorded back in 1993/94 and uploaded by a user going by the name of ‘kamepo‘.

We start by looking out the right hand side window of a plane arriving into the former Kai Tak Airport, followed by the trip on the transfer bus back to the terminal.

Next, a few short clips through the streets of Kowloon on a bus trip between the airport to Nathan Road.

The Star Ferry by night as well as day.

Trundling around the Hong Kong Tramways.

A short trip around the MTR network.

And finally, a departure from Kai Tak and the view over Hong Kong Island.

A great collection of footage from a time that is little documented.

More videos

Riding the Kowloon Canton Railway in 1993 – another YouTube video from ‘kamepo’ which I have written about previously.

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