Photos from my 2013 trip to China

It has taken me almost two years, but I have finally finished uploading the photographs I took on my 2013 trip to China.

China Railways high speed trains stabled outside Shanghai Hongqiao railway station

I spent a week on the ‘mainland’ visiting the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Xi’an:

  • Day 1: arrive into Shanghai from Melbourne, riding the Maglev from Pudong Airport, and checking out The Bund.
  • Day 2: Visiting Pudong, riding the Shanghai Metro, inspecting the rubber-tyred Translor tram, and watching mainline trains at Shanghai Railway Station.
  • Day 3: Shanghai to Beijing by high-speed train, and exploring the Beijing Metro
  • Day 4: Template of Heaven.
  • Day 5: Summer Palace.
  • Day 6: visiting the Great Wall of China, travelling there and back by train.
  • Day 7: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and the Beijing Railway Museum.
  • Day 8: Beijing to Xi’an by high-speed train.
  • Day 9: Terracotta Warriors, watching trains at Xi’an Railway Station, and exploring the Xi’an Metro.
  • Day 10: flight from Xi’an to Hong Kong.

You can view the complete set of photos on Flickr – a total of 2,090 photos!

Next up – uploading photos from the two weeks I spent in Hong Kong during 2013!

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