If your car breaks down in Hong Kong…

You have bought your car, filled it up with petrol, and gone for a cruise around the roads of Hong Kong – now it is time for a mechanical tune up.

Getting your car serviced in Hong Kong

Around Hong Kong your local motor mechanic will probably be on the ground floor of a multi story industrial building.

If you forget to pay them a visit, then you might end up needing to call up the Hong Kong Automobile Association to rescue your car.

Hong Kong Automobile Association depot in Yau Mei Tei

You had better hope you don’t conk out in the middle of one of the major road tunnels. Each of the tunnel operators has their own fleet of tow trucks to clear breakdowns, but if they have to come to drag you out of the hole, you will pay dearly for the privilege.

Tow trucks and services vehicles for the Cross-Harbour Tunnel

The Eastern and Western Harbour Tunnels both list removal prices on their websites: the Western tunnel is the more expensive one…

Western Harbour Tunnel
Removal and Service Fees

Motorcycles, motor tricycles, private cars, electrically powered passenger vehicles, taxis, and public and private light buses (categories 1, 2 and 3)

– HK$850 per hour or part thereof pro rata to a minimum of HK$220

The above charges will be doubled in respect of a vehicle which is found to be out of fuel or to have a flat tyre and not to be carrying an inflated spare.

Eastern Harbour Tunnel
Schedule of removal, storage and permit fees

Private Car, Motorcycle & Public Light Bus. (Category 1, 2 & 3)
– HK$400 per hour or part thereof pro rata subject to a minimum of HK$150.

The charges will be doubled if a breakdown vehicle is found to be out of fuel or have a flat tyre but not carrying an inflated spare.

Maybe you would be better off retiring your own clunker, in which case Kam Tin in the New Territories is where you should visit – junkyards lines the roads.

Photo by Christopher DeWolf on Flickr

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