Boris Johnson in the skies over Hong Kong

The recent Brexit decision has seen the ‘Boris Johnson in a helicopter’ meme crop up again across social media, but for me the view out the door was what caught my eye – I could have sworn it was somewhere in Hong Kong.

Boris Johnson in the skies of Hong Kong

I managed to spot the location on Google Maps with my first guess – Boris Johnson was off the western shore of Sham Shui Po, looking down on the Yuen Fat Wharf, Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Fish Market, and Nam Cheong Station.

I was then able to replicate the angle of the original photo using Google Earth.

Sham Shui Po waterfront aerial view Google Earth

Quite the bit of detective work, eh?


Boris Johnson visited Hong Kong in October 2013 – here you can find a selection of related photoshop memes, along with the original helicopter photo.

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2 Responses to Boris Johnson in the skies over Hong Kong

  1. xahldera says:

    Oh yes. The former Mayor of London took a flight over the territory in 2013. It apparently inspired him to put forward a proposal to build a new airport on reclaimed land in the Thames Estuary rather than get a new runway built at Heathrow or Gatwick.

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