Working late in Hong Kong

On my last visit to Hong Kong I paid a visit to the Sky100 observation deck atop the International Commerce Centre, but I noticed one thing beside the view – how long office workers are chained to their desks.

Working late on the 99th floor of the  International Commerce Centre

Wikipedia has this to say on the subject:

The average weekly working hours of full-time employees in Hong Kong is 49 hours. According to the Price and Earnings Report 2012 conducted by UBS, while the global average were 1,915 hours per year, the average working hours in Hong Kong is 2,296 hours per year, which ranked the fifth longest yearly working hours among 72 countries under study.

While the view from the top is nice.

Looking out from the Sky100 observation deck

But does it make up for being stuck at work until after the sun goes down?

Sun sets to the west of Hong Kong Island

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