Smoko time for Chinese train passengers

As the world’s largest consumer and producer of tobacco, China is a country where smoking is still prevalent and enforcement of smoking bans is almost non existent. You’ll find Chinese people smoking anywhere and everywhere – even sneaking in a 30 second cigarette breaks when travelling by train.

CRH380B high-speed trains at Beijing South station

At every station, smokers pile out of the train.

Smokers take a quick cigarette break during a short stop at Jinan West station

Light up.

Smokers pile out of the train at Handan East for a quick smoke

And take a quick puff.

Smokers have a quick puff during the station stop at Handan East

When departure time arrives, train staff shoo them back onto the train.

Smokers inhale their last puff at Xinxiang East Railway Station

Station staff blow their whistle, and the train departs.

CRH staff await departure time from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station

Leaving cigarette packets behind on the platform.

Abandoned cigarette packet following a quick station stop at Xinxiang East

Along with half smoked cigarettes.

Abandoned cigarettes following a quick station stop at Xinxiang East

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