Disneyland Resort Line trains elsewhere on the MTR

For trains on the Disneyland Resort Line the task is pretty simple – shuttle between Sunny Bay and Hong Kong Disneyland all day, with nobody in the driving cab, and the onboard computer doing all of the hard work. But on very rare occasions, they can be seen elsewhere in Hong Kong.

Passing a northbound train for Sunny Bay at the crossing loop

But even driverless trains need regular maintenance, which for the Disneyland Resort Line trains requires a trip to Siu Wan Ho depot, a short distance down the Tung Chung line.

MTR Disneyland Resort line train on the test track at Siu Wan Ho depot

A track connection at the Tung Chung end of Sunny Bay station allows the trains to move between the two lines.

End of the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay

But for heavy overhauls the facilities at Siu Wan Ho depot are not up to the job, so the Disneyland Resort Line trains need to visit Kowloon Bay depot – the biggest maintenance facility on the MTR network.

But how do these trains make it halfway across Hong Kong? They move by night, after the last passenger carrying services have stopped running.

The route itself is quite convoluted:


Which in English is:

Siu Wan Ho depot
→ Travel along Tung Chung Line
→ Lai King Station platform 4
→ Enter Lai King siding
→ Exit to Lai King platform 2
→ Travel along Tsuen Wan Line
→ Mong Kok Station platform 2
→ Traverse crossover to Kwun Tong Line platforms at Yau Ma Tei Station
→ Travel along Kwun Tong Line
→ Kowloon Bay Depot


The ‘MTR之今昔’ website has a full MTR network track diagram that shows the links between the normally separate MTR lines.

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