Trackwork on the Hong Kong Tramways

When riding the Hong Kong Tramways, I was quite surprised to see how they maintain their trackwork – by digging up the tracks while trams are still running over the top!

Tram #4 joins the main line from the Happy Valley loop

As each worksite road vehicles had to be diverted onto other routes.

'Temporary traffic diversion' for road vehicles approaching the tram track relaying works

But trams were free to keep on rolling through the work site.

Tram #156 passes over a short stretch of relaid track, minus concrete

The maintenance workers arrived by road.

Hong Kong Tramways track maintenance truck at a work site

Cutting up the concrete that surrounded the tracks.

Steel tie bars link the two rails, concrete yet to be poured

New rails were put into place, but only bolted in place.

Short section of relaid track, bolted but not welded, and awaiting concrete

Welding having to wait until night time, when the trams stop running.

'NO ENTRY" sign beside a relaid section of tram track

With the concrete pour the final step.

Relaid section of tram track following the concrete pour

Job done!

Tram #132 eastbound in Wan Chai

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