Abandoned MTR locomotive running shed at Hung Hom

Following the opening of the new diesel locomotive running shed at Lo Wu in 2014, the facility at Hung Hom was taken out of use. The 無人之境 / Abandoned HK group of urban explorers paid a visit to it shortly before demolition.

機車行車室 Locomotive running shed
Photo by 無人之境 / Abandoned HK

You can see the full series of photos on the 無人之境 / Abandoned HK Facebook page.

More photos

‘Tea Mori’ on Flickr also paid a visit to the abandoned depot in 2014.

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3 Responses to Abandoned MTR locomotive running shed at Hung Hom

  1. John Peakman says:

    My memory isn’t to great over thirty years later but what I can remember is there being a Chinese Railways diesel locomotive assigned to Hung Hom, saw it there a couple of times and even once saw it heading north over Waterloo Road. What I can’t remember is if they had their own building or used the KCR (MTR) building. Does anyone here remember?

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