Visiting Tai Lei – Peng Chau’s boring little brother

Peng Chau is a small outlying island of Hong Kong, known for its temples, island lifestyle and fresh seafood. It is also connected to the even smaller island of Tai Lei, which is home to the ugly and boring things that make urban life on Peng Chau possible.

Bridge linking Peng Chau to the even smaller island of Tai Lei

There is a sewage treatment plant.

Entry to the Peng Chau sewage treatment plant

A CLP electrical substation.

CLP electrical substation for Peng Chau

The Shell Gas LPG bottle depot.

Shell Gas LPG bottle depot on Tai Lei

And the waste transfer station, where rubbish is packed into containers then loaded onto a barge.

Entrance to the waste transfer station on Peng Chau

At least the bridge connecting to Peng Chau and Tai Lei is a good fishing spot.

Fishing on the bridge between Peng Chau and Tai Lei

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