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Using the Melbourne lifestyle to sell Hong Kong property

On my 2013 visit to Hong Kong I was sitting in front of the TV at my 姑媽 (aunt’s) house,trying to make sense of shows that I didn’t understand, where a commercial for a Hong Kong property development appeared during […]

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Building the Shatin to Central Link tunnels at Shek O

On my 2016 trip to Hong Kong I headed to the beach at Shek O and found something odd along the way – a sign for the MTR’s new Shatin to Central Link railway project, despite the nearest piece of track being on the opposite side of Hong Kong Island. So what was the deal?

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A nostalgic return for Hong Kong’s cross harbour car ferries

In such a fast paced city, finding pieces of ‘Old Hong Kong’ is difficult. But back in 2016 the Hongkong and Yaumati Ferry company launched something interesting – a return of Hong Kong’s cross harbour car ferries, to celebrate the […]

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