Revisited: rail accidents in Hong Kong

My last look at railway accidents in Hong Kong was 2012, but the MTR isn’t making my job easy – they’ve managed to crash two trains so far during 2019. UPDATE: Immediately after I published this post, MTR have crashed another train!

March 2019 at Central

On 18 March 2019, a two-train collision occurred at Central station during testing of the new signalling system on the Tsuen Wan Line.

MTR photo

The first train T131 travelling from Admiralty Station to Central Station platform 1, collided with second train T112 which was leaving Central Station for Admiralty Station, resulting in damage to the second to fourth cars of train T112 and derailment of two bogies of the first car of train T131.

MTR photo

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department’s (EMSD) led an investigation into the incident, finding that it was caused by a programming error introduced into the the new signalling system at the design and development stage.

September 2019 at Hung Hom

On 17 September 2019 at MTR East Rail train derailed on the approach to Hung Hom station.

MTR diagram

The train split into two, with one half mounting a buffer stop and damaging a door.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, with investigations still underway.

October 2019 at Lai King

On 6 October 2019 a northbound Tsuen Wan train derailed at Lai King station.

It is believed that the train derailed on a catch point while entering the centre turnback siding.

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