Miniature fire trucks and ambulances

Hong Kong is a big city.

Neon lights on Tung Choi Street, Mongkok

With fire and ambulance stations like any other city.

Passing Tai Po East fire station

Fire trucks.

Hong Kong Fire Services Department Light Rescue Unit (LRU)

And ambulances.

Hong Kong ambulance

But the streets of Hong Kong’s outlying islands are far narrower.

Main street of Cheung Chau: bikes are the main mode of transport

So they use miniature fire trucks.

Miniature fire engine on the narrow streets of Peng Chau

And ambulances – but operating out of full sized fire stations.

Miniature ambulance departs the full sized fire station on Peng Chau

Quite the contrast!

Footnote – motorcycle paramedics

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department provides ambulance services in Hong Kong, and as well as conventional road vehicles, also has motorcycle paramedics.

Motorcycle paramedic speeds down the wrong side of Nathan Road

Who can dart through traffic.

Motorcycle paramedic approaches Nathan Road

To get to emergencies quicker.

Motorcycle paramedic speeds down the wrong side of Nathan Road

Further reading

The Fire Services Department calls their miniature ambulances ‘Village Ambulances‘.

They also have types of miniature fire truck – ‘Mini Fire Van‘, ‘Mini Equipment Carrier‘ and ‘Mini Rescue Van‘.

Each outlying island fire station is equipped with one of each type, which are deployed together to emergencies so that a full complement of tools and equipment is available.

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