Fire training simulator at Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is located on the island of Chek Lap Kok, with the 12.48 square kilometres covered with everything needs to support operations at one of the world’s busiest airports – including a fire training simulator.

Overview of Hong Kong International Airport

Two fire stations are located at the airport.

Airport fire station located in the airport midfield

Fire trucks at the ready.

With the training rig located next to the main fire station, on the southern side of the airport island.

Empty midfield of Hong Kong Airport

Made of steel, and ready to be set alight.

Fire training rig at Hong Kong International Airport

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department Airport Fire Contingent describe it as:

A fire training simulator with a fire screen is provided at the training pit near the Main Airport Fire Station for the training of AFC personnel.

The training facility is a steel fabrication representing a Boeing 747-400 series aircraft with a tail section having a high engine representing an MD 11 aircraft. The fuselage length is 25 metres and the wings are cropped beyond the inboard engines. The simulator can simulate various external and internal fire scenarios.

In addition, a fire screen is installed adjacent to the simulator to simulate an aircraft fire situation with intense heat.

And that’s not all!

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department have a second aircraft fire training rig at the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy in Pak Shing Kok.

Further reading

Hong Kong Fire Services Department Airport Fire Contingent website.

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