Firefighters and a fake MTR station

Near the Hong Kong district of Tseung Kwan O is a MTR stop that you can’t catch a train to – Pak Shing Kok station at the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy.

When the first photos of Pak Shing Kok station started circulating in April 2016, confusion reigned.

Is there a mysterious new station on the MTR? Recently, multiple photos of the suspected MTR station platform appeared on Facebook, claiming to be the legendary MTR station that was secretly built but not open to the public, named Pak Shing Kok Station. The station platform shown in the photo is the same as the general MTR platform. The MTR network map is conveniently attached to the platform screen door, showing that Pak Shing Kok Station is located between Tseung Kwan O and LOHAS Park Station. There is also a MTR train near the station.

But it wasn’t a new station – just part of a new training facility opened by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department in March 2016.

Full of simulated accidents, such as collapsed buildings.

Car crashes.

Exploding petrol stations.

Road tunnel.

A 45.5-meter-long, 14-meter-wide, and 18-meter-high ship with four decks.

Jet airliner (A380 in front, B767 at the rear, and MD11 at the tail)

And a train.

With mockup interior.

Apple Daily photo

Alongside a MTR station mockup.

Apple Daily photo

Taking up 1,050 square meters.

All ready to catch fire!

Hong Kong Economic Times photo

But where did the train come from?

The SP1900 train at the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy is a real train:

When the KCRC purchased the SP1900 trains for the East Rail Line, lead carriage D201 was rejected due to a design error. It was originally intended to be returned to Japan but the transportation cost was high, so a replacement carriage was manufactured, with the ‘original’ D201 stored at Pat Heung Depot as a source of spare parts, until it was donated to the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy as a training vehicle.

A photo of D201 stored at Pat Heung Depot is here (source).

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