1970s trip on the pre-electrification Kowloon Canton Railway

Over the years I’ve found a few YouTube videos featuring the Kowloon Canton Railway pre-electrification, and here is another one – a 3 minute long journey along the line in 1971.

A timeline of what there is to see:

  • 00:00 Aerial view of Victorian Harbour and the Kowloon station building
  • 00:14 Outside Kowloon station
  • 00:17 Kowloon station ticket office
  • 00:27 Train in the platform at Kowloon station
  • 00:35 KCR locomotive #58 leading a train out of Kowloon
  • 00:40 Aerial view of the Kowloon station yard
  • 00:51 Train heads north towards Hung Hom
  • 01:05 Onboard a train
  • 01:12 View of the passing New Territories countryside
  • 01:20 Train passes a farmer in a paddock
  • 01:35 Onboard a train
  • 01:44 Passing a colour light signal beside Tolo Harbour
  • 01:50 Northbound train arrives into University station
  • 01:53 Inside the cab of a diesel locomotive
  • 02:00 Train arriving at Lo Wu
  • 02:17 Looking over the border crossing at Lo Wu
  • 02:27 Passengers cross the border on foot
  • 02:44 Chinese train departs Lo Wu
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