Transferring from land to sea at Hong Kong International Airport

Transferring from land to air transport is the reason airports exist, but Hong Kong International Airport offers a different mode of onward transport – sea.

Western end of Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport

The airport is located on reclaimed land at Chek Lap Kok.

Overview of Hong Kong International Airport

With the ‘SkyPier’ ferry terminal located at the eastern end of the island.

Skypier and AsiaWorld-Expo at the eastern end of Hong Kong International Airport

Served by cross-boundary ferries to nine Mainland China and Macao ports across the Pearl River Delta.

CKS (Chu Kong Shipping) ferry arrives at the Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal

Changing from air to sea

Arriving air passengers follow the ‘ferry’ signage in the terminal.

Directional signage to immigration , baggage reclaim and ferry transfers

To the ferry boarding gate located before the immigration counters.

Here ferry tickets are checked.

Ferry boarding gate at Hong Kong International Airport

Next stop – the basement level automated people mover station.

All aboard!

Onboard the train: mostly standing room

From here it is a 550 metre tunnel to Terminal 2, followed by 650 metre tunnel to SkyPier.

Underground guideway between Terminal 1 and the Midfield Concourse

We now return to ground level.

Head to the departure lounges.

Where ferries are waiting.

The reverse journey from sea to air is much the same, except for the aviation security checks completed before boarding the people mover towards the airport terminal.

What about baggage?

Passengers transferring from air to sea don’t need to clear Hong Kong immigration or collect their baggage – airport staff collect them from the carousel.

Baggage carousel in the arrivals hall at Hong Kong Airport

Then load them into a ULD container, and take them via an internal road to the SkyPier terminal.

Airport Authority luggage tug transports a Chu Kong Passenger Transport baggage container from SkyPier to the airport

Where they are loaded onto the relevant ferry.

ULD containers of cargo ready to be loaded onto our ferry

Passengers for participating airlines have a similarly streamlined transfer experience in the reverse direction, being able to check their baggage and collect their boarding pass when boarding the ferry.

Further reading

Hong Kong International Airport video showing the SkyPier transfer experience.


Cheong Wing Road is used to transport baggage between Hong Kong International Airport and SkyPier – under the Road Traffic (Traffic Control) (Designation of Prohibited and Restricted Zones) Notice it is both a public road, and a zone in which the driving of the motor vehicles is prohibited.

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  2. ant says:


    I’m just wondering if I’ll need to pass through immigration control at HK airport if I take the ferry from Shekou to HK? I’m flying to the UK via Doha from HK and wondering if pass through immigration control in Shekou or at HK airport?

    I’m unvaccinated and have heard stories of transit passengers at HK airport being asked for proof of vaccination.



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