MTR Airport Service Platform at Chek Lap Kok

On the MTR network there is a station that trains stop at, but passengers cannot use – the Airport Service Platform on Chek Lap Kok. photo

The MTR Airport Express began service on 6 July 1998, the opening date of the new Hong Kong International Airport.

Overview of Hong Kong International Airport

With Airport Station the initial terminus.

Stacked arrival and departure platforms at Airport station

Services were extended one stop to AsiaWorld–Expo Station from 20 December 2005.

Arrival at the AsiaWorld-Expo terminus

Following the opening of the adjacent convention centre.

Skypier and AsiaWorld-Expo at the eastern end of Hong Kong International Airport

But this extension didn’t see any new track built.

MTR train arrives at AsiaWorld-Expo station

The viaduct between Airport and AsiaWorld–Expo stations already existed.

MTR train departs Airport station for AsiaWorld-Expo

Built as part of the original Airport Railway project as a turnback facility.

The project included several other elements besides the station and viaducts. Once departing passengers have alighted, trains travel to a cleaning facility for litter removal before coming back via a crossover to collect arriving passengers.

Called the ‘Airport Service Platform’ or ‘機場快綫整備月台’. photo

Terminating trains

Under normal service headways, the single platform at AsiaWorld-Expo is enough to handle terminating Airport Express trains.

MTR train arrives at AsiaWorld-Expo station

But there is a second track.

Display for the 'Airport Control Area' Alstom Alspa CMF/ITS system at AsiaWorld-Expo

Located on the other side of a narrow island platform – the forgotten ‘Airport Service Platform’.

Island platform that was the original Airport Service Platform opposite the current AsiaWorld-Expo station platform

Now renumbered AsiaWorld–Expo 2.

'AWE 2' sign on the service platform at AsiaWorld-Expo

And hidden behind the platform screen doors.

Looking across to the centre service platform at AsiaWorld-Expo

But still available for the use of trains without passengers.

And other unused platforms on the Airport Railway

There are a few other ‘ghost’ platforms along the route – two island platforms at Nam Cheong station, located between the Airport Express and Tung Chung track pairs.

Airport Express emergency platform at Nam Cheong station

A pair of island platforms between the Airport Express and Tung Chung tracks at Sunny Bay.

Looking across the platforms at Sunny Bay station

Side platforms beside the tracks at Siu Ho Wan depot.

Emergency platforms near Siu Ho Wan depot

And an unused platform for future expansion at Airport station.

Unused platform on the Terminal 2 side of the citybound track at Airport station

Located on the Terminal 2 side of the citybound track, it is ready for the future expansion of terminal 2 to handle arriving passengers, not just departures.

More photos of the Airport Service Platform

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