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Playing ‘where’s the car’ on the streets of Hong Kong

I recently saw a car advertisement where the first thing I noticed wasn’t the car, but the backdrop. I swear it was somewhere in Hong Kong, but I couldn’t quite pick the location. So where could it be? Time to […]

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Closing time at Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a major tourist attraction located in the heart of Beijing, so you’d thinking finding out the closing time would be easy – but you’d be wrong! Time to pay a visit I visited Tiananmen Square after a […]

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A Singapore bus in Hong Kong

I’ve written before about retired Hong Kong buses in Australia, but here’s a different example – a retired Singapore double-deck bus was purchased by a private collector and shipped to Hong Kong. Photo: 縱橫巴士綫.BusLanes Bus SBS9844Z was first registered in […]

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Bin night in Hong Kong

Time to take out the rubbish. It all starts with a bin. Until it gets full. Time to empty it. And walk down the street. Until you reach the refuse collection point. The rubbish is transferred into a truck. And […]

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Mobile libraries in Hong Kong

On my visit to Outlying Islands of Hong Kong I found something new – a banner promoting the mobile library service that visits the village of Yung Shue Wan. But on the densely populated streets of Kowloon I found another […]

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