Souvenir sales on the Hong Kong MTR

Hong Kong’s MTR system is famous around the world, so perhaps it is no surprise that a wide variety of official souvenirs are available.

Souvenirs for sale at the MTR Tourist Services store at West Kowloon Terminus

The range includes such trinkets like watches with an Octopus chip inside, allowing you to pay for travel.

Peppa Pig Octopus watches  on sale at the customer service counter

Limited edition items like this series of eight different Nanoblock trains.

MTR Nanoblock trains for sale at the MTR Tourist Services store at West Kowloon Terminus

And souvenir ticket sets – for Chinese New Year.

MTR network anniversaries.

Plus popular characters like Disney Tsum Tsum.


And Doraemon.

The items can be purchased from MTR ‘Tourist Services’ outlets – located at Admiralty Station, Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, Airport Station and Hong Kong International Airport.

'Tourist Services' ticket and souvenir store at Admiralty station

MTR souvenir store and customer service centre at Airport station

A limited range is also for sale at customer service counters across the MTR network.

Customer service counter and ticket gates at Kennedy Town Station

But the MTR Souvenirs online store (note the odd looking URL) carries the complete range.

Footnote on model trains

Scale models of MTR trains are sometimes available – such as these diecast models.

Diecast models of MTR trains

With 80M Bus Model Shop the place to go for the widest range.

80M Bus Model Shop at Langham Place

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3 Responses to Souvenir sales on the Hong Kong MTR

  1. xahldera says:

    I love the souvenir tickets and the last few trips I’ve been to Hong Kong, if there is any that I find particularly interesting, I would buy them if I can afford it. Although technically valid tickets that can be used as normal, I prefer to keep them in their unused state. One of the few exceptions being a limited edition Octopus keyring I bought that can be clipped to a elasticated keychain to make it easier to quickly pass through the MTR turnstiles without worrying about losing a card.

    • I bought the full set of Nanoblock MTR trains on my visit – I was able to get the first three weeks of the set while I was there, but had to recruit one of my relatives to buy the final week, because I had to go home!

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