The evolution of MTR network maps over time

Recently I got an interesting question from a reader – “do you have a photo that shows the MTR network map on a station concourse during the mid-late 1980s”. Unfortunately I didn’t have one on hand, but it led me down an interesting rabbit hole.

The massive list of MTR ticket options detailed at Tung Chung station


The earliest map I found was this one from 1980, showing the completed ‘Modified Initial System’ between Kwun Tong and Chater (now Central).

Scan via Stand News


Next up is this map from 1998, featuring the Tsuen Wan line opened in 1982, the Island line in 1985, and the Kwun Tong line extension in 1989. photo

The same network map appeared on the reverse side of single journey tickets.

@sgcty12 photo

And I found a photo from showing the map in the context of a station concourse. photo


In 1998 the Tung Chung line and Airport Express were added to the network map, following the completion of the Lantau Railway. photo


In 2002 the first stage of the Tseung Kwan O line opened. photo

And today

In the years since the MTR has continued expanding – you can watch the network grow here.

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