Railfan’s guide to Shanghai, China

My 2013 visit to Shanghai was only for a few days, so I didn’t get much time to look around the city. None the less, here are a few suggested places for a railfan to visit.

Shanghai Metro train on line 3 arrives at Baoshan Road station

The obvious

The Shanghai Maglev is the obvious first thing to check out – it run from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the outskirts of central Pudong.

Maglev train awaiting departure from Longyang Road station

From there you can explore the Shanghai Metro.

Shanghai Metro train on line 4 arrives at Baoshan Road station

Line 4 having elevated tracks.

Shanghai Metro train on line 4 arrives at Baoshan Road station

And Line 2 has stations without platform screen doors.

Platform gates installed at Century Park station, but not in use

The Pudong Airport end of Line 2 is another section of elevated tracks.

Reversing siding at the Shanghai end of Haitiansan Road Station

Haitiansan Road Station allowing you to watch Shanghai Maglev trains speed past at 431 km/h.

Standing at Haitiansan Road Station, as a maglev train speeds past at 300 km/h

The odd

The banks of Huangpu River at The Bund are a popular tourist spot.

Lights of the Pudong skyline start to switch on

To watch the sun go down over Pudong.

Twilight on The Bund

But in the backstreets you can find a forgotten mode of public transport – electric trolleybuses.

Lineup of trolleybuses at the route 20 terminus in Shanghai

And down below is a one-of-a-kind mode of transport – the cable hauled trains of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.

Meanwhile a long way off the beaten tourist track is another unusual beast – the rubber tyred Zhangjiang Tram, the vehicles guided by a central rail and powered by overhead wires.

Rubber tired tram departs the terminus at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Station

And a spot to watching passing trains

Finally, I managed to find a nice spot to watch the procession of mainline trains departing Shanghai Railway Station.

Locomotive hauled train arrives into Shanghai just before dark

Diesel locomotives shunting them into the platforms.

Diesel locomotive DF7G 0039 between shunting moves

Then departing behind mainline electric locomotives.

Electric locomotive SS7D 0016 departs Shanghai Railway Station with a rake of '25Z' class carriages

I also saw a handful of China Railway High-speed trains sharing the tracks.

China Railways high speed CRH380A train departs Shanghai Railway Station

To get to the spot, head to the south plaza at Shanghai Railway Station.

Open plaza outside Shanghai Railway Station

And head west to the main road.

And follow it up to the Hengfenglu Junction bridge over the railway.

Office buildings and apartment towers in Shanghai

Like so.


I also managed to find a carriage yard beside Baoshan Road station on Lines 3 and 4 of the Shanghai Metro.

More stabled carriages near Shanghai Railway Station

All I had to do was peer over the walls of the elevated station.

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