My miniature slice of Hong Kong

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little slack on updates to this side, and this is the reason – crafting a miniature version of Hong Kong from my home in Australia!

My 1:160 scale slice of Hong Kong forms part of a T-Trak model railway on which I can run N scale trains on. The buses and the Hong Kong-style buildings are by 80M Bus Model Shop, and the China Railways trains by a variety of manufacturers.

The first public outing was at the 2023 Train and Hobby Show on Melbourne, Australia where it formed part of an larger Australian prototype T-Trak layout.

After a successful weekend at that show, I’m now hurriedly preparing for the next public display – Melbourne’s Easter Model Train Expo in April 2023.

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3 Responses to My miniature slice of Hong Kong

  1. Geoffrey Hansen says:

    Great work with the layout! I hope that you bring it to the model rail show in Sydney.

    • Thanks! A trip to a model railway exhibition up in NSW would be fun, the Hong Kong Bus Day at the Sydney Bus Museum would be even better. But I’d hate to think how I’d manage to cram everything plus myself into the car for the drive up!

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