More on my Hong Kong model railway

I’ve spent the past few months working on my Hong Kong themed N scale model railway, and last week it made it’s first ‘proper’ public outing at Melbourne’s 2023 Easter Model Train Expo.

The layout is in 1:160 N scale and is made up of a number of T-Trak modules joined together to form a layout. Features on the layout include a typical Hong Kong street with operating pedestrian crossing, and the Beacon Hill Tunnel beneath the Kowloon Hills.

The buses and the Hong Kong-style buildings are by 80M Bus Model Shop, and the China Railways trains by a variety of manufacturers.

I’ve still got plenty more ideas on Hong Kong scenes include on the layout, which will eventually be twice as long as present, as well as a collection of Kowloon Canton Railway rolling stock to finish building to run on the tracks.

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