Hong Kong’s big orange ashtrays

Hong Kong’s round orange bins are an iconic sight on city streets.

Traffic Warden heads along 'Stop Illegal Dumping - Someone is Watching' banner and CCTV cameras beside a rubbish bin on Hollywood Road

And in the countryside.

Hong Kong's distinctive round rubbish bins

They also double as ashtrays.

Government quitting smoking promotion on a street ashtray

Except in no smoking areas.

Map showing no smoking areas at the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry pier

But old habits die hard – instead of heading to the nearest smoking areas.

Directions to the Kowloon Park smoking area

Smokers stub out their cigarettes where the ashtrays used to be found.

This is a no smoking area so the ashtray was covered over, plus plenty of smokers don't care


Orange rectangular “cigarette butt containers” also appear on the streets of Hong Kong.

Overflowing rubbish bin on Nathan Road

While the orange fibreglass rubbish bins are officially designed “130 litre litter container“.

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