KCR ‘Yellow Head’ train towing a KTT carriage

I’ve come across photos of many oddball KCR train consists over the years, such as a ‘mixed’ KCR Metro Cammell train , but this one takes the cake – an original ‘Yellow Head’ train towing a double deck KTT carriage.

The photo was posted with no context over at the discuss.com.hk forums, and a reverse image search hasn’t brought up the original source of the image

The crossover between the two types of train was quite short – the KCR Metro Cammell EMUs were refurbished between 1996 and 1999, while the KTT train set arrived in Hong Kong in 1997.

But why was an EMU coupled up to a single KTT carriage out of the mainline? Perhaps it early testing of the carriages before the matching Re 460 electric locomotives arrived in Hong Kong.

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