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One Logo – Two Languages

For a company that operates in Hong Kong, where both Chinese and English are official languages, it is important to have a corporate brand that looks just as good in both. Here are two corporate logos that achieve this in an exceedingly clever way.

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‘Keep Off The Tracks’ advertisement from the 1980s

Back in the early 1980s the Kowloon Canton Railway through Hong Kong underwent a massive transformation – from a single track country railway to the modern double mass transit system it is today. It was during this period that the Hong Kong Government ran a series of public service announcements warning people to keep off the tracks.

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Cute rail safety advertisements from Hong Kong

Another week, and another selection of railway themed television commercials from Hong Kong. This time the topic is “cute public safety messages”.

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Milking nostalgia at the MTR

With Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway being just a touch over 30 years old and the trains running just as smoothly as the opening day back in 1979, one might think that a feeling of nostalgia for the old days would be hard to find among residents of the city. However the MTR Corporation begs to differ: if advertising heavily on television doesn’t set them apart from other railway operators, then milking a nostalgia for the past will.

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TV commercials from the MTR: do you get their point?

Unlike many other railway operators, Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation buys a lot of television airtime to promote their railway operations. In the last few years their television commercials seem to have a common theme: bouncy pop music with English lyrics, visuals that have nothing to do with railways, and a short Cantonese voiceover at the very end telling the viewer what the entire point of the advert is. Can you guess it from just the visuals?

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