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Underground stations – living in the 1970s

I don’t visit Sydney, Australia often, but the last time I did, I spent my time in much the same way I did during my last trip to Hong Kong – riding around on trains and ferries. There I found some striking similarities.

Escalators down to platform 11/12 at Redfern Continue reading

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Helium balloons stopping trains

Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway tells passengers not to bring “dangerous or flammable goods or metallic balloons” into station areas and on trains. But what possible harm can a seemingly innocent balloon bring?

Chasing a balloon onto the tracks is a 'Dumb Way to Die' Continue reading

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Skyscrapers on a stick

The shores of Hong Kong Island are lined with massive skyscrapers, and one that stands apart from the others due to the unusual design is the ‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building’. So is it a one off?

"Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building" - sheesh: that's a long name Continue reading

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Melbourne and Hong Kong trams: long lost siblings

One can be forgiven for thinking that Melbourne’s tramway network is something unique to the city, but if you look at the MTR Light Rail network in Hong Kong from the right angle, you start to see a lot of similarities…

Melbourne tram Z3.134 northbound on Peel Street, North Melbourne Continue reading

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A touch of Australia in Hong Kong

To mark Australia Day, here is a collection of Aussie things I found in Hong Kong during my trip: it is a surprisingly long list.

The easiest to find was Australian beer: a six pack of Fosters will set you back $48.90 HKD, or just under $7 AUD.

Fosters: ewwwwww!

From then on, things just got weirder. Continue reading

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