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Closing time at Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a major tourist attraction located in the heart of Beijing, so you’d thinking finding out the closing time would be easy – but you’d be wrong! Time to pay a visit I visited Tiananmen Square after a […]

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The evolution of Beijing Capital International Airport

I first visited China back in 1998, and the difference at Beijing Capital International Airport between then and now is massive. Photo by AcidBomber, via Wikimedia Commons When I first flew into Beijing in 1998, there was only a single […]

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Battery powered trolleybuses in Beijing

Trolleybuses normally require a web of overhead wires in order to supply power to the electric vehicles that run beneath them – but in the streets of Beijing’s Wangfujing shopping district, they aren’t necessary. The buses drop their trolleypoles. But […]

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Mixing conventional and high speed trains in China

China’s high speed rail network is the biggest in the world, but not all of it is dedicated to high speed trains – on some routes conventional trains also share the tracks. Combined traffic Shanghai Railway Station was the first […]

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Hong Kong shopping centre clones in Mainland China

For tourists to Hong Kong, shopping is usually high on the agenda. However recent developments across the border in Mainland China mean that for many shoppers, the trip across the border to Hong Kong is no longer needed – entire shopping centres have been cloned!

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