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MTR CKD0A diesel electric locomotives

The list of diesel locomotives in Hong Kong keeps on growing now that I’m digging into the MTR maintenances and work train fleet – the latest entry is the Chinese built CKD0A diesel electric locomotives. The units were ordered in […]

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KCRC JMY450 diesel hydraulic locomotives

I’ve written about the Kowloon Canton Railway’s fleet of diesel locomotives before, as well as the MTR’s fleet of battery electric and diesel locomotives, but turns out I was only scratching the surface – on the West Rail line there […]

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Moving the East Rail locomotive running shed to Lo Wu

For over one hundred years the southern terminus of the Kowloon Canton Railway has been the home of Hong Kong’s railway motive power. Replacing steam with diesel power in the 1950s, relocating the terminus to Hung Hom in 1975, and the takeover by the MTR in 2007 didn’t diminish this. However the construction of the Shatin to Central Link finally did, with the locomotive running shed being relocated to Lo Wu in 2014.

MTR locomotive running shed at Lo Wu (photo by 水水, via Wikimedia Commons)
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Delivering the KCRC fleet of ER20 diesel locomotives

Back in 2001 the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation ordered five Siemens “Eurorunner” model ER20 diesel locomotives in Hong Kong. Originally intended to haul freight services, the locomotives remain in service today, but solely used on works trains and transferring EMUs trains between depots.

MTR diesel #8005 (Siemens “Eurorunner” model ER20) coupled to a SP1900 EMU at Pat Heung Depot Continue reading

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