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The return of cross-boundary freight trains to Hong Kong

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world greatly in the past few years, and in March 2022 it saw the return of something gone for a decade – freight trains between Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong Government photo The […]

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When Hongkong Post rode the rails to China

There was once a time when Hongkong Post used the MTR East Rail line to transport mail across the border into Mainland China. This is the story of these trains. Photo by MJ2927 via hkrail.fandom.com Some history The completion of […]

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Looking back at Hong Kong’s pig trains

One of Hong Kong’s most infamous stench was that of the pig trains, leaving a stinky trail as they made their way from mainland China along the Kowloon Canton Railway to Hung Hom, to feed a local population hungry for […]

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Bin night in Hong Kong

Time to take out the rubbish. It all starts with a bin. Until it gets full. Time to empty it. And walk down the street. Until you reach the refuse collection point. The rubbish is transferred into a truck. And […]

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MTR freight train across the border at Shenzhen

Here is an interesting find from Wikipedia – a MTR diesel locomotive hauling a freight train on the Chinese side of the border at Shenzhen, photographed by Baycrest back in February 2010.

MTR Freight Train & Diesel Locomotive at Jianshe Road Shenzhen (photo by Baycrest, via Wikimedia Commons)
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