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Bin night in Hong Kong

Time to take out the rubbish. It all starts with a bin. Until it gets full. Time to empty it. And walk down the street. Until you reach the refuse collection point. The rubbish is transferred into a truck. And […]

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MTR freight train across the border at Shenzhen

Here is an interesting find from Wikipedia – a MTR diesel locomotive hauling a freight train on the Chinese side of the border at Shenzhen, photographed by Baycrest back in February 2010.

MTR Freight Train & Diesel Locomotive at Jianshe Road Shenzhen (photo by Baycrest, via Wikimedia Commons)
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Rail freight yards in Hong Kong

The other week I wrote about the the demise of rail freight in Hong Kong: so how about we take a look at where the freight trains actually served when they did run.

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The demise of rail freight in Hong Kong

Ten years ago a passenger waiting for a train on the East Rail Line had a good chance of seeing a lengthy freight train go speeding past, but over the intervening years the consists had shrunk to just a single wagon, and by June 2010 there were no freights at all. So why did they disappear?

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