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Scale models of Kai Tak Airport

Unfortunately for aviation enthusiasts Kai Tak Airport no longer exists, but it does live on in model form. Photo via ‘The Diecast Flyer’ Donald Gardner from ‘The Diecast Flyer’ has the full story on the model. Hu Chow has created […]

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Model railway shops in Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong I visited a number of model railway shops to see if they had anything interesting – so what did I find?

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Japanese collectable models: the random 12 piece collection

During my no-so-recent trip overseas I encountered the uniquely Japanese way of selling collectable models – the 12 piece “collection”. On finding this collection of boxes on the hotel floor, I’m sure that housekeeping thought they had stumbled on some bizarre kind of drug runner.

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I’m looking for a model plane…

When I was planning my trip to Hong Kong, the only shopping I planned for was camera equipment, and possibly some model trains. One of the hobby stores that I found online was 80M Bus Model Shop, with a number of branches throughout Hong Kong. While looking for one of them, I came across another interesting looking shop across the aisle.

Front window full of model planes on display

Once stepping inside, it was an Aladdin’s cave of diecast model aircraft. Continue reading

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