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The evolution of MTR network maps over time

Recently I got an interesting question from a reader – “do you have a photo that shows the MTR network map on a station concourse during the mid-late 1980s”. Unfortunately I didn’t have one on hand, but it led me […]

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Shrinking East Rail line trains from 12 to 9 cars

Hong Kong’s rail network is being transformed by the Shatin to Central Link project, with the final change to train fleet having just kicked off – cutting back the length of East Rail line trains from 12 cars to 9. […]

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Souvenir sales on the Hong Kong MTR

Hong Kong’s MTR system is famous around the world, so perhaps it is no surprise that a wide variety of official souvenirs are available. The range includes such trinkets like watches with an Octopus chip inside, allowing you to pay […]

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Hong Kong’s archaic English and ‘Litter cum Recyclable Collection Bins’

There is something that seemingly every English speaking tourist snickers about when visiting Hong Kong – the “Litter cum Recyclable Collection Bins” found on every street corner. In this case “cum” is the archaic Latin word which means “combined with” […]

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Television commercials for the MTR Airport Express

The Airport Express line commenced operations in July 1998, linking the brand new Hong Kong International Airport airport at Chek Lap Kok to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The MTR advertising campaigns emphasised how easy it was to access the […]

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